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Zorba Hair, established in 1965 by Peter Kotis directly from Europe has been a great influence in the Hairdressing Industry. We have a proud history of providing professional service for the entire family.

Our team of hairdressers are well trained, either by us from the start, or if joining us from another salon we pride ourselves on the continued training we offer them. We do this to ensure you and your family always enjoy the same experience and quality haircuts you've come to expect.

We also stock the biggest range of hair care prodcuts from leading brands with a great focus on delivering expert advice.

Serving Carindale Shopping Centre for over 34 years, Zorba Hair is one of the original tenants of Carindale Shopping Centre. Peter Kotis, owner and founder, bringing his expertise with him as a European Hair Stylist, developed Zorba Hair as a salon for the whole family, delivering all your hair and hair care needs.

At Zorba Hair we train our own hairdressers, and have Stylists that have been with us for many years. We strive to deliver great quality hairdressing at reasonable prices. Our hair care range consists of many professional hair care brand names.

Everything from Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments, Hair Moisturisers to Electrical curlers, Straight Irons, we stock the biggest range of professional hair care products with a great focus on delivering expert advice, affordable salon services and the best value possible.

Our friendly and experienced staff offer free hair consultations to find the right products for you. Our highly trained retail consultants will give you free advice to find a product suitable for your hair needs.

If you have a hair or scalp problem…we have the solution. With over 34years of experience in hair we will give you the best advice.

We only use and recommend professional hair products using good quality-very best ingredients.

Purchasing your products from Zorba allows our expert staff to diagnose your hair needs and prescribe the correct product to deliver immediate results while improving the long term condition of your hair. “Quality costs less”

For over 34 years locals have grown up with Zorba Hair.


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